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TONY BLAND started out as a line of tailored clothing; I felt the need to reach a wider audience, which is where I came up with the idea of turning the range into a ready-to-wear brand offering items in every segment (clothing, underwear, perfumes, accessories, etc.).

One of my dreams is to enable the public at large to see themselves reflected in what I make,  particularly the “plus-size” demographic who always find it difficult to find happiness in our stores and boutiques. In fact, curvy women complain about fashion not treating them as women.

For many years, women with generous curves have been asking designers to expand their collections to include larger sizes as they feel ignored by both haute couture and ready-to-wear collections. Today, there is very high demand in this sector, which is why I want to develop an entirely plus-size range of lingerie.

It was after an initial fashion show during which I showcased some plus-size female models, to a positive reception and much demand, that the idea to create a collection of lingerie entirely devoted to plus-size women took root.

For the TONY BLAND range, the quality of the products is a point of honour for each of the collections.


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