Three cyborgs are searching for their hidden identity and their place in today’s world. With the experience of a laboratory specializing in genetics and cybernetics, they will escape from the glass prison and gradually discover a complex world where the organic and the mechanical mix and inextricably bind.

This creation embodies the symbolic struggle in a world where the human and technology intermingle, and the uniqueness of man in relation to machine is questioned. Because of the loss of direction and meaning, a legitimate question arises: what is the place of man and by what means does he try to define himself?

The Slayers are a group of three young Belgian and Brussels hip-hop talents  linked to the Impulsion collective. They take inspiration from hip hop new style, afro dance, turfing, yoga, martial arts and contemporary dance. 

To finance their first 50-minute hip-hop dance show the Slayers recently launched a growfunding campaign. Give more visibility to the urban dance scene by supporting their campaign and get your ticket(s); 


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