The Civic Crowdfunding City / Pop-Up City 


The POP-UP CITY consists of all (temporary) projects that focus on creating bottom-up, qualitative and citizen-run urban places. While the project themselves are rather short-term, their impact is still tangible on the longrun.

During this seminar platforms, academia, experts and the audience explore how urban civic crowdfunding can be applied for urban placemaking.

Main research question;

> Which kind of urban spaces are created through civic crowdfunding and what are the characteristics? 

Opening keynote from Hanne Van Reusel (KULeuven): “In line with my research at the KU Leuven and starting from my personal ambitions I take part in various collectives that aim to change how we construct our city. Within the Commons Josaphat collective I joined an ongoing reflection on how a new neighbourhood in Brussels could be developed if we would follow the principles of the commons. There are plenty of interesting self-organised alternatives happening, so what if we would combine all these community-oriented initiatives and bring them together?”.

Platform cases;



  • La Esquina: The creation of a dynamic new community program space in The Point neighbourhood to offer meaningful programming for its residents. 
  • Beyond Walls: Building on the Vibrancy of Downtown Lynn: buzzing with energy, enterprise, arts and culture.

Voor je buurt

Panel discussion participants; 

Growfunding: Hanne Lahousse
Patronicty: Ebrahim Varachia
Voor je Buurt: Martijn Arnoldus
Moderator: Hanne Van Reusel

Event Timeslots (2)

Hanne Van Reusel (KULeuven)

Hanne Van Reusel (KULeuven)