The Civic Crowdfunding City / Inclusive City 

The INCLUSIVE CITY focuses on all projects that focus on including (groups of) people who often struggle to participate in the mainstream urban life.

During this seminar platforms, academia, experts and the audience explore how urban civic crowdfunding can render the city accessible to individuals and groups who are often denied acces to the (formal) city.

Opening keynote from Dr. Erik Claes

Professor and researcher in social work (Odisee), and  interim chairman of Moderator. Forum for Restorative law and Mediation. He has been doing research on restorative justice and mediation for years. In recent action research he experiments on digital storytelling and neighbourhood conflicts in Brussels.

Platform Cases;




Panel discussion participants;

Growfunding: Dennis Marcelis
Patronicty: Ebrahim Varachia
Ginger: Agnese Agrizzi
Moderator: Dr. Erik Claes





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Dr. Erik Claes (Odisee)