NAWARIS (feat. Hussein Rassim)

A little over two years ago I arrived in Brussels after a long journey through Iraq, Turkey and the Balkans. As a musician I had no more future in Iraq. An American friend told me I had to go to Brussels: “Brussels is gonna hit you!” And he was right. I really like this city with its zippy cultural life and its huge diversity.

On the way to Brussels and thanks to some Brussels based organizations I met many interesting musicians: Manual Hermia, Saïf Al Qaysi, Juliette Lacroix, Naïm Schneyders, Nicolas Hazeur, Mohammed Al Fakharani… I’m working together with them on a new album: Migration CD

– Hussein Rassim

Nawaris is a musical ensemble that performs traditional Iraqi music, as well as compositions by members of the group. The oud or oriental lute, the soprano saxophone, the flute, the violin, the electric bass, the percussion, the cello, the singing, meet, play, engage conversations, while leaving place for improvisation.

Hussein Rassim, Juliette Lacroix, Manuel Hermia, Nicolas Hauzeur, Saïf Al Qaisi.


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