Embark on board of one of our “Vroum’ekes” for a fun and local discovery!

At Bazaar our VW minibuses will take you on a journey to discover charming micro-projects in the city center of Brussels. We will take the time to meet passionate actors, to taste authentic beers, to be moved by a forgotten place or to chat about the Belgian absurdities. Our ancestor cars will blow a wind of nostalgia on this trip and will allow you to move smoothly from place to place.

Why use VW minibuses?

It is a vehicle that invites sharing, conviviality and adventure, slowly but surely. The pleasure of riding in a Combi is never as intense as when it is shared. “Happiness is only real when shared”. It’s a vector of good mood! In addition, the bay-windows offer a 360 ° view of the outside so you don’t miss a thing!

And our ecological footprint?

We are followers of slow power! Each of our trips are planned carefully and are done with vehicles filled (ie 8 people). We use old cars and revalue the profession of mechanic and auto body workers who give a second life to these rusty cars that are doomed for demolition. Keeping your old car uses fewer fossil resources than buying a new one.

Who is behind this project?

The Vroum’ers behind this project are Laurent and Elodie, living in Brussels, who have the urge to share some of their favourite places and share their passion with new friends.

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