JhMj DAR benefit

—- Prix Libre – Free Donation – Vrije bijdrage —

A new place for JhMj DAR, finally!
Behind the money square, in the heart of our city.
Only: the walls are still bare, and a sound and light installation is missing.
We need your help for that!
Help us make the youth center a well-functioning meeting place!

The Growfunding campaign will be launched in early February.

In order to warm everyone up, we are already having a party.
The revenues of the Prix Libre go directly to our campaign that will be launched in early February.

> 23u00 – 00u30: Wife Mandala b2b Yassassin
> 00u30 – 02u00: Tsugi 次 b2b Leru$
> 02u00 – 03u00: Kestuva Fer

Event Timeslots (1)

Till 03:00