The Civic Crowdfunding City / Arrival City

The ARRIVAL CITY consists of neighbourhoods where new migrants arrive and “where they struggle to establish a new life and integrate themselves socially and economically, and often move out, creating new room for the next wave of migrants” (Saunders, 2010)

Throughout the seminar we’ll explore two main questions;

> Which social and cultural infrastructure are created for refugees and newcomers through civic crowdfunding?
> How can civic crowdfunding create formal and informal urban levers that enable newcomers to connect to local networks?

Opening Keynote from Dr. Stijn Oosterlynck

Associate Professor in Urban Sociology at the University of Antwerp, Sociology department. He teaches courses on urban studies, poverty and social inequality. His research is concerned with local social innovation and welfare state restructuring, the political sociology of urban development, urban renewal and community building and new forms of solidarity in diversity. Stijn Oosterlynck strongly believes that academic research should contribute to society and values interaction with civil society and policy makers.
Platform cases


> Cinemaximiliaan 
A pop-up Cinema for refugees
> Our House
The integration of refugees among others through culinary and cultural exchanges.

Help asylum seekers and refugees with French classes, legal aid and cultural or sports activities.
An app that helps refugees finding an accommodation.
> tbc
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Panel discussion participants

> Growfunding: Karen De Cooman
> Co-City: Guillaume Desmoulins
> Goteo: Ferran Reyes
> Moderator: Dr. Stijn Oosterlynck


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Dr. Stijn Oosterlynck (UA)