PLANETARIUM by Abdoulaye

Brussels, anno 2017: the terms mistrust and safety are in fashion. That is why Abdoulaye chooses these terms to tell a completely different story.

The play ‘Planetarium’ brings the story of a traveler going from one planet to the other, until he reaches Planet Brussels. During this journey, our traveler faces mistrust, exclusion and discrimination. Buy also the richness diversity brings.

By putting our cosmopolitan city in the picture, Abdoulaye tells about the experiences and the route of countless migrants. When mistrust threatens to become the norm, Abdoulaye confronts us that everyone has an own story to tell. He encourages listening and understanding.

Since childhood Abdoulaye loves art, especially the theater that he practices.  Along the way, he met Transfocollect that helped him to set up his Planetarium piece.
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Brussels newcomer and theatre maker
Brussels newcomer and theatre maker